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Friends Dreaming of a World
Without Discrimination
Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania,
North America, South America, Antarctica
Different friends met.
We are One!
Interpersonal Harmony
Interracial Harmony
Inter-state Harmony
Intercultural Harmony
character goods
Mask · Hand Cream · Coin Purse · Pouch · Stationary Set · Cushion & Blanket etc.
Simy Asia
"Isn't this flower really pretty?"
Big timid. Gentle and kind,
but stubborn. fond of children
and weak in praise
Tina Africa
"Don't worry,
you're the hero of the world!"
"Oh, I feel fat!"
Good world peace
Look North America
"Look at this! Good job, right? I did it."
A rush that runs forward.
To go around and show off one's strength
but want to get along with other friends
Whowho Antarctic
"Leave me alone!
I have my own world!"
Wonderfully weirdo,
Always space out.
Chu-gy Europe
"I knew it before, but I think it's so cool!"
a prince of self-importance He's strong,
he's capable, he's insecure.
Denny South America
"Hey! The sun will rise tomorrow, so let's enjoy today."
Even if the end of the earth comes tomorrow,
the head of entertainment who lives in love with today.
Grano Oceania
"What did I do? I don't like it!"
Angry, friendly, low-pressure, high-pressure,
ever-changing king of susceptible.
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